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Team building Team building Team building

Team building, combined with sailing represents a powerful and effective way to bring out the full potential of your working group. Sport teaches us how to be successful, while in team sports, it is crucial that in achieving the common goal the whole team participates.

First and the most important rule of successful team is exactly the team work.

Sailing represents the best way to adopt and improve the various skills, while limited living space, as staying on the boat can offer, requires from the each member of the team capacity for adjustment and coexistence in a group.

Different environment from a normal business area like this one that we are suggesting to you, will improve cooperation and relations between a members of the group. It will improve their communicational skills by establishing of common goals and will develop individual team loyalty.

We have prepared various team building programs for you, from the short and financially sensitive ones to the program for a period of 7 days which includes a large number of accompanying activities and visits to the best Dalmatian restaurants. Exactly these programs will be our starting point in designing team building program made individually according to your wishes and possibilities. Offered programs can be customized or changed, or we can even create an entirely new program.
In order to give you some ideas for additional activities, we can offer you a large number of side dishes.

Among the many activities, on this occasion we outshine the following:





1. Sailing school course (per boat / week)

420,00 €

2. Discovery diving in Šibenik archipelago (per dive / person)

50,00 €

3. The island's treasure hunting- trekking, orienteering walk on the islands with the help of charts and the awards for the fastest group in performing the tasks, group against group (per boat / team)

100,00 €

4. Paintball Tournament (*** only at certain locations and routes) (including full equipment and ammunition) - per person

45,00 €

5. Shooting tournament (per boat / team)

100,00 €

6. Badminton tournament (per boat / team)

35,00 €

7. Walks through different Dalmatian towns with the professional tourist guides (CRO, SLO, UK, ITA, GER, FR, RUS ...) (by the walk / city)

100,00 €

8. Party evenings with live music and professional band

500,00 €

9. Fireworks

500,00 €

There are numerous possibilities. If you have your own ideas and suggestions, we would be happy if you would share them with us and our duty will be to realize them in the best possible way.

Special programs such as team building programs have a really strong support through the NCP & mare since this charter base with a fleet of nearly 70 yachts.
Half of sailing yachts from this base are widely known Grand Soleil’s from the shipyard Cantriere del Pardo, while they are followed with the fleet of Dufour, Beneteau, Hanse, and Elan.



1. Motor yacht charter - recommended for groups larger than five yachts, in order to escort and support group, but also very suitable for photographing and filming the entire event, fast transfers when needed. Charter fee of a motor yacht depends about the type of chosen yacht from the NCP & mare fleet. For complete offer of motor yachts, please visit http://charter.ncp.hr/motor_yachts/

Depending about the motor yacht type

2. Services professional hostess (daily)

100,00 €

3. Transfer from the airport (Split / Zadar / Zagreb) to the NCP & mare base & return

Price depends about the destination and the number of persons

4. Spinnaker rent (weekly price)

120,00 €

5. Branding yachts with your company logo (two labels of agreed dimensions)

100,00 €

6. Branding team - cap with logo of your company (price per piece)

3,00 €

7. Branding team - T-shirt with the logo of your company (male and female models) (price per piece)

13,00 €

8. Branding team - Polo shirts with a logo of your company (male and female models) (price per piece)

19,00 €

9. Branding Team - Shirts with a logo of your company (male and female models) (price per piece)

26,00 €

10 Branding Team - Jackets with a logo of your company (male and female models) (price per piece)

35,00 €

11. Snorkeling equipment - fins, mask and snorkel (price per kit)

35,00 €

12. Professional ball for the beach volleyball (per piece)

25,00 €

13. Set of social games (playing cards, dominoes, puzzles ...) (price per set)

30,00 €

The basic characteristic of well organized team building program is a specially designed program and activities throughout the day, which make your team better and stronger.

Sailing in this story fits perfectly, because it provides the best way to make a good team from just group of people and all of that in the shortest possible time. Your group will start to work as a homogeneous body, as a team.

With good quality and safe boats from the NCP & mare fleet, program prepared till smallest detail, with a pleasant and professional NCP team on the coast and on the sea, we are sure that we will provide you some unforgettable moments.