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Corporation regatta

Corporation regatta Corporation regatta

Many years of experience and synergy of the Sport club ''NCP'' and the company NCP & mare, are guarantee of the quality in organization of corporate programs and events. During our 15-year work, we have organized a bit more than 80 regattas with more than 7000 participants.

Our best reference is a wide circle of friends of NCP that we have gained during the joint biddings with the sea and the wind.

Sailing is a natural team building activity that proved enhances teamwork and communication, while competition sailing, regattas, contains all the key elements of good team work: planning, motivation, organization, delegation and communication.

Trough this type of team building, all participants not only develop as a team, but they also train their leadership and group management skills and all of that with a lot of fun and pleasure.

Assemble colleagues; invite business partners and customers to join you in spending few days under sails, a few days full of adrenaline, positive fatigue and fun.
Regatta offers an unforgettable experience for all participants, and makes unbreakable bonds.
At the welcome party that we will organize upon your arrival, the NCP & mare base will welcome a group of business colleagues and partners, while at the goodbye snack and prize giving ceremony, we will say farewell to homogeneous team and a lot of new friends.

For competition under the sails you do not need to have a pre-sailing experience, but only the good will. Our experienced and skilled skippers turn in excellent sailing results, encouraging all the participants in the regatta to participate actively in certain segments of a sailboat and organizing the crew.
Our corporate regattas are organized in a way that makes each individual significant as part of a whole, and with whose presence and contribution entire team is proud, regardless of whether they are an employee, business partner or client.
All participants, after spending few days together in limited space like a ship, return to the everyday working environment with a feeling that they know their colleagues better.
Sailing team building is really resulting with improved mutual communication, and ultimately, more effective and productive joint working.

We offer you the organization of your own corporate regatta or organization of participation in any of a numerous regattas from the calendar of Croatian Sailing Federation.
We will provide you fun, excitement and an excellent opportunity for promoting the company and its products / services.

Our offer for the organization of corporate regatta:

- High quality racing boats that are equipped for full comfort
- Professional skippers and sailors, and if necessary, any other crew member
- Catering packages on yachts
- The technical organization of the regatta
- Organization of prizes and prize giving ceremonies
- All required pre-event and event management

Additional services:

- Professional photographer / cameraman
- Branded clothes for all participants
- Branding of yachts
- Organization of transport to the NCP & mare base in Mandalina Marina, in Šibenik
- Organization of over-night accommodation in hotel / apartment if necessary
- Organization of dinners and evenings entertainment

You are part of a large business entity or an international network of companies?

We will arrange for you unforgettable days spent at the sea and with the sea.
True experience we will achieve with organizing of welcome and goodbye party, visiting two national parks that are located near the NCP & mare base (National Park Kornati and Krka), memorable prize awarding ceremonies for the most successful participants in the regatta, fireworks for a farewell and many other options.

To colleagues, business associates, partners and others who unfortunately were not able to join you, we will record a promo spot of your regatta, to ensure that you can, far away from the sea, sun and sails, present and illustrate them at least part of the atmosphere and overall experience.