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Tailor made programs

"Tailor-made programs" is a new division of NCP & mare and has a purpose of continuous improvement of services that NCP & mare provides to its customers, whether it is an incentive and team building program for companies or sailing course and course of maneuvering the motor boats.

The idea of establishing educational maritime center of NCP & mare has emerged from requests of our regular customers, but also in anticipation of the new ones.

To our returning clients this way we offer the possibility of acquiring new knowledge, consultation with professional skippers, improvement of maneuver and navigation skills, and learning finesses of regatta sailing.

When it comes to new guests, our desire is that NCP School, in some way, 'produces' the future quality guest since the educated guest is the most preferable guest.

To all interested students of "Sailing school" we offer a large number of interesting courses, and our primary goal is to adapt learning programs to the needs and wishes of the client.

Programs courses serve as the basis in creating individual programs through which students will be able to gain maximum benefit and knowledge they need.

Apart from sailing course and course on motor yachts, "tailor-made programs" division is offering event management from school excursions, incentive and team building programs to corporate regattas made according to individual wishes and capabilities of clients.

NCP & mare and Sailing Club "NCP" share many years of experience in the organization of various business and private events and regattas of different character. That is the best guarantee for quality and complete organization and implementation of your ideas. Professional staff of NCP will embody all of your wishes, but also assist you in creating the project.

You should take care only about notifying your friends, the company, guests and business partners about the exact place and time of meeting.

Incentive program
Incentive program is form of the prize program that company presents to its employees and /or loyal clients as a reward for their efficient and successful work and cooperation.
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Team building
Team building, combined with sailing represents a powerful and effective way to bring out the full potential of your working group.
Sport teaches us how to be successful, while in team sports, it is crucial that in achieving the common goal the whole team participates.
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Corporation regatta
Many years of experience and synergy of the Sport club ''NCP'' and the company NCP & Mare, are guarantee of the quality in organization of corporate programs and events. During our 15-year work, we have organized a bit more than 80 regattas with more than 7000 participants.
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