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Regatta Course

The regatta sailing course is a sailing school course designed for participants who want a compete regattas and from all of them we expect at least the experience and skills minimum of advanced sailing course (smitten handling the main sail, genoa and spinnaker; execution of all maneuvers in leeward / downwind; basic sails and mast trim; navigational knowledge).
Additional requirement attend for the course for competition sailing is a confirmation of a family medicine physician on the physical condition.

Instructors that lead the regatta sailing school course are all very experienced competitors and the "school" week was designed in a way that several days before participating on one of the regattas from the calendar of the Croatian Sailing Federation, crew has intense trainings during which:

• each crew member teaches how to prepare the boat for departure and participation in the regatta
• learning the advanced trim of the mast
• meets with the types of regattas and racing sailing yachts, scoring systems and difference between scoring the results achieved during the regatta, ISAF international racing rules, starting procedures, procedures for regatta registration, evaluation of situation and procedure for protesting

The regatta sailing courses are held on the famous sailing boats from the gamma of the Italian shipyard Cantiere del Pardo, sound names Grand Soleil, whose general representative for Croatia is the NCP Repair Shipyard. Grand Soleil gamma of sailing yachts makes the basis of NCP & Mare sailing fleet. To appraise the quality of the Grand Soleil it is enough to check the results of high-quality international regattas as world and European championships, held last few years, where the sailing boats from Grand Soleil opus achieved the best results.

The aim of the racing course of the NCP & Mare is that each of this crews sail regatta harmoniously and successfully on the well equipped, maintain and prepared sailboat, under the mentorship of an instructor present. With participation in one of the many regattas from the calendar of Croatian Sailing Federation, we can offer the membership in the Sports Society "NCP", and verification at the Croatian Sailing Federation.
More information about the benefits that membership brings you the NCP Club Card program, you can find on the web site NCP & Mare / Tailor made programs.

We have made a selection of the most interesting cruiser regattas from the calendar of Croatian Sailing Federation for 2009:

25.04.-26.04.2009. 7. Zlarinska regata krstaša Yacht Club ''Zlarin'' OPEN
29.04.-02.05.2009. Jadranska regata – Adriatic race Yacht Club ''Host'', Vis OPEN,IRC
08.05.-10.05.2009. Lions Cup – Jedrima protiv droge SD ''NCP'', Šibenik OPEN
29.05.-31.05.2009. 18. Komiška regata JK ''Labud'', Split OPEN,ORC,INT
23.06.-27.06.2009 Regata Šibenik – Civitanova JK ''Val'', Šibenik OPEN,ORC
07.08.-09.08.2009. Južnodalmatinska regata JK ''Orsan'', Dubrovnik OPEN,ORC
19.09.-20.09.2009. 78. Mrdujska regata JK ''Labud'', Split OPEN
19.09.-19.09.2009. Teuta 2009. – regata za dame YC ''Zadar'', Zadar OPEN,ORC
16.10.-18.10.2009. 65. Viška regata JK ''Labud'', Split OPEN,ORC,INT
24.10.-24.10.2009. Zadarska koka JK ''Uskok'', Zadar OPEN
31.10.-31.10.2009. NCP Winter Cup SD ''NCP'', Šibenik OPEN,ORC
05.11.-08.11.2009. PH ORC INTERNATIONAL JK ''Tijat'', Vodice ORC,INT
13.11.-15.11.2009. Jabuka 2009. JK ''Tijat'', Vodice OPEN,ORC
05.12.-06.12.2009. Šibenska regata krstaša JK ''Val'', Šibenik OPEN,ORC
12.12.-13.12.2009. 15. Božićna regata i VIII Kup HRM JK ''Zenta'', Split OPEN,ORC
19.12.-20.12.2009. Božićna regata JK ''Uskok'', Zadar OPEN