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Basic Sailing Course

Basic sailing school course of the NCP & Mare is intended for all interested students who sail for the first time, and also for students whose sailing and navigational knowledge is very limited and therefore they want to acquire, refresh, improve or perfect it.

Basic sailing school course is one of the NCP & Mare tailor made programs, which in practice means that we have no open appointments in advance and do not work with individual queries. This course is organized on request and for well-known groups of people (minimum 3 students), while a detailed program is developed for each group individually.
In this way, we are able to offer really high quality course that will be fully adapted to your level of prior knowledge and your expectations, whether it is a desire to overcome maneuver skills, skills of setting the sails, navigation skills, etc.

After a joint interview, we will create a program in which emphasis will be given to areas that are of your special interest.

Classes are conducted by combining theory and practical exercises, with emphasis on the practical part of the course.

The aim of this course is to acquaint each student with:

• Primary and internationally accepted concepts related to boat parts (hull, rigging, etc.)
• theoretical and practical grounds of maneuvering, engine and sails set, especially in limited space such as a marina
• correct and safe ways of anchoring
• basic knots
• basic meteorology
• international rules for avoiding collisions at sea
• the principles of general safety on boat
• basic knowledge of the aerodynamics of the sails

In its basic form, basic sailing school course is held as a seven-day course, while the two weekend courses are equivalent to the program of a week. Weekend courses are organized from Thursday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, and seven days courses in the classical charter rhythm from Saturday to Saturday.
Beginners sailing course takes place on the sailing yacht from the NCP & Mare fleet, selected in agreement with you, referring to the size of your group and in accordance with the course.
All sailing yachts from the NCP & Mare fleet are fully equipped for comfort stay, and if necessary we can arrange over-night accommodation on the mainland.
The course can be organized as all-inclusive package with meals for students and individually made sailing routes.

After completing the initial sailing school course at the NCP & Mare, you will have all necessary knowledge and skills that are essential for independent sailing in the coastal belt and with moderate weather conditions, while if you are interested, we will arrange your admission to exam for Boat leader category ″B″.
The Boat leader category "B" license is a non-professional license that permits you to operate with boats up to 12 m length in non-commercial purposes.