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Advanced Sailing Course

The advanced sailing school course is a logical sequence of the initial course. It is designed for people that have acquired the basics of sailing and navigation, but their ambitions were not met.

Advanced sailing school course is also one of the NCP & Mare tailor made programs, which in practice means that we have no open appointments in advance and do not work with individual queries. The course is organized on request and for well-known groups of people (minimum 3 students). A detailed program is developed for each group individually.
In this way, we are able to offer you a really high quality course that will be fully adapted to your level of prior knowledge, and your expectations, whether it is a desire to overcome maneuver skills, skills of setting the sails, navigation skills, etc.
After the joint talks, will make you a program in which emphasis will be given to areas that are of your special interest.

Teaching advanced sailing school course is fully implemented with the stay on the sailing boat.
This approach ensures that the students get acquainted with the environment in which they are.
Theoretical part of the advanced course is deficient because this course is of practical nature and completely follows the principles of international sailing school standards known as ASA (American Sailing Association).

The objectives of the advanced sailing school course:

• restore and improve the knowledge acquired in the initial sailing school course, with the handling 
   of the main sail and genoa, overcome skills of sailing with a spinnaker and drifter
• learn to equip your boat and crew with all what is necessary for independent sailing
• learn to prepare boat as well as crew for sailing
• learn to organize the crew for a quality coexistence and stay on board
• train students how to lift, putt down and trim the sails in all weather conditions
• improve and refine the navigational skills
• overcome techniques and knowledge needed for night navigation
• practice sailing out and in the marina, maneuvering and berthing in all conditions

In the basic, advanced sailing course is held as a seven-day course, while, if required by the group, it is possible to organize a tailored course in another rhythm.
The seven-day advanced sailing course takes place in the classical charter rhythm from Saturday to Saturday.
Advanced sailing course takes place on the sailing boat from the NCP & Mare fleet, which will be chosen in agreement with you, referring to the size of your group.

All yachts from the NCP & Mare fleet are fully equipped for staying on board and provided with all the navigation instruments.
The course can be organized as all-inclusive package with meals for students and individually made sailing routes.

After completing the advanced course at the NCP & Mare sailing school, you have the necessary knowledge and skills that are essential for independent navigation and organization of the crew, before and during the stay on the boat.