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National parks National parks National parks National parks National parks National parks

Croatia is divided in three large, different areas. Almost each area has a national park or nature park and in total there are eight national parks in Croatia.

Heading from the western coast of Istria we encounter Brijuni archipelago, renowned for the mild climate and lush vegetation and five thousand years of human activity have made cultural and historical legend of Brijuni islands.

Our journey is followed by the Kornati archipelago and in close vicinity of Sibenik there is the national park Krka named after the river which rises in the western foot of Dinara mountain and which formed a steep and deep canyon on its way towards the sea.

Sailing further towards the south, as the icing on the cake, there is the national park Mljet with mostly forest vegetation. Since it is located at the South Dalmatian archipelago, as other islands, it is best experienced from the sea.

The national park Risnjak is located in the continental part of the North Adriatic, in the western part of Gorski kotar. It is a hidden refuge for various animals amongst which the most famous is lynx, a very rare species in the world.

The longest mountain range in Croatia is Velebit, another national park distinguished with rocky peaks, limestone depressions and valleys. The northern Velebit was declared national park for its specific forest vegetation and the most valuable areas are the botanical garden and the reserve.

The southeast part of Velebit is characterized by the phenomenon of the national park Paklenica. The contrast of mountain and sea gives a particular enchantment to this wilderness which is also the most famous climbing centre.

Plitvice lakes are located at the source of the karsts river Korana. The scenery is idyllic, merged in the waterfall gurgle and serenity of sixteen lakes. This lake paradise, due to its geographical position, is marked at some maps as the Devil’s garden.