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The purchase of the boat seems to be too expensive?

Your's job and life tempo allows you only few weeks of sailing?

You are afraid that boating might become more worries than pleasure?!

Or You are just not sure what kind of  boat to buy?

NCP & Mare management program answers all your questions, takes over all the worries and leaves you with only the best of boating, sailing.

You enjoy your boat for 2-3 weeks in the high season, and the rest of the season, the boat is being chartered so it earns enough to cover all the marina costs, maintenance costs, insurance costs but also the part of the investment itself, so if you decide to sell your boat after few years, financially your are positive, and you did have a boats, and we mean the best of it.

NCP & mare as the leading nautical company in Adriatic provides you with :

  • 15 years of charter business experience
  • Berth place in Mandalina Marina in the heart of Adriatic, just 10 minutes from the highway connection and 30 minutes from Split and Zadar airport
  • Service facilities (the part of  NCP Refit Shipyard)
  • Booking of you boat in cooperation with over 300 charter agencies

We always recommend ex. New boats ( boat up to 5 years ) from our charter fleet and there are many reasons why :

  • Because they are top quality and fully equipped boats (Grand Soleil, Fairline ...)
  • Because their value has gone down already so they are at the right price to buy and price should not go down significantly and more what makes them good investment
  • Because baby diseases period is behind them and all the small defects are resolved already
  • Because they already have their own regular charter clientele
  • Because our staff knows the soul of these boats both in technical wise and commercial wise

We hope that this short intro makes it little clearer why charter management programme is the "tailor made boating".

For all further information regarding conditions and advantages of charter management programme contact us at +385 22 312 999 or e-mail: